Updated: Aug 1, 2020

This site is your daily resource of information, motivation, community, and silliness. Here's what you'll find:

This Home page is actually the smallest page right now because this is where we'll be regularly adding posts, ideas, challenges, and motivation to get you moving toward your goals. It features our growing collection of articles and information.

You'll find topics like mind and mood, body and health, creativity and inspiration, family, friends, and relationships, and personal and professional success. You can browse the articles or type in a topic to find all articles in that category. And your comments create the discussions that help us share and learn even more. The only rule is "Be nice."

The Links You'll Love page is my personal favorite. It's a collection of links to everything from videos to classes, movies, meditation, music, book reviews, how-to's, and much more. And they're all free, because we are not only development-focused, we are cheap. This is not organized into any order at this time. You'll have to browse until we recognize what the recurring themes on the page are!

The Just for Fun page is filled with memes and silly stuff that you are free to steal and share to your social media. After all, that's how we found most of them. We consider this recycling because we're all about being green.

The Store page includes The Book of Me stuff (of course), but we want more. You tell us about products and services you love and we'll collect them on this page for our own directory of great stuff. And yes, you are welcome to self-promote and suggest your own products and services.

We’ll continue to add articles, links, assessments, videos, and more to help you write the next chapter in your life.

And if you don’t see anything about a topic you want to know more about, drop us a message. We love homework!

Join us. Ask your questions. Share your wisdom. And let’s just enjoy the fact that we remembered to breathe today. Because it’s all about baby steps!

Welcome to your new "ME" place.

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